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Кокорину и Мамаеву грозит два года тюрьмы Избранное

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Кокорину и Мамаеву грозит два года тюрьмы Кокорину и Мамаеву грозит два года тюрьмы

"Зенит" подтвердил, что в потасовке в московской кофейне участвовал форвард клуба Александр Кокорин. Как сообщают в пресс-службе команды, решение о наказании футболиста примут после разбирательства правоохранительных органов. В понедельник утром Кокорин вместе с игроком "Краснодара" Павлом Мамаевым устроили драку в кафе на Арбате.


“This hit of Alexander Kokorin obviously doesn’t cause fun to Zenit fans. Like the adherents of the club itself.” The conclusion about the punishment of Kokorin will be made subsequently by the investigation, which will be carried out by law enforcement agencies.  And the conflict is blatant, "- said the department of public relations of FC" Zenit ".

 And the bodies will literally figure it out - this throwing of chairs entails a note.  In the case of chatting more correctly - the 116th note of the Criminal Code “Beating”.  The case on it has already been filed on the basis of a statement received by the police from the injured Minpromtorg employee.  The bureaucrat has a number of bruises and bruises, a tooth is broken.  The department insists - under the hot hand of a football player got 2 people.

 “This afternoon there was a conflict in which employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade were injured. They are the director of the department and the general director of the scientific center of FSUE NAMI. They have already contacted law enforcement agencies,” said Zalina Kornilova, the official authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

 The space for training fresh abilities Kokorin has become one of the famous metropolitan cafes.  Between the guests, in the lead, people with incomes above average.  But they insist in the institution - they did not see anything, they did not hear anything, CCTV cameras are present in the distance and it is impossible to look at them.

 But, as the practice has recommended, it is as possible.  And if Kokorin is recognizable in the frames, then here are 2 members of the conflict - which are shown by the witnesses - it is more difficult to determine.  Speech about midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavle Mamaev.  They are tied to Kokorin 10 years of close friendship - as Alexander said in Instagram.  We met the other day on the background during the match.  Apparently, they decided to continue outside the stadium and something went wrong.  But now they play, as they did later, parties in Monaco, when the Russian team flew out from Euro 2016.  During this time, they threw a shadow not only on their own names, but also on the entire national team.  Now the team will not be upset - neither Kokorin nor Mamaev are part of the team.

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